About My Baby Rocks

There is certainly no shortage of baby clothes out there, but we realized the lack of options in the punk and alternative baby clothing industry. There are plenty of frilly and cutesy pastel pink, blue and yellow outfits available at a reasonable price, but what if I don't want to dress my child in the same thing as every other parent out there? What if I want my baby to stand out? As a unique individual myself, I want to dress my baby in something with a little more personality, edge, and a little more attitude. All the things I wished my mom would have let me wear when I was younger.

After searching countless baby stores, websites and boutiques who claimed to have something unique to offer, we decided the only option was to start making our own clothing. We started small, just making a few outfits for our own baby. We had such a great response that friends and family members started requesting to buy our items. The demand grew enough that we then officially created the clothing line My Baby Rocks.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, My Baby Rocks offers affordable punk and alternative clothing for your baby. We hand print all of our clothing items on high quality t-shirts, one piece outfits and other items. We are also currently expanding our product line to include other manufacturers to offer our visitors the widest variety available.

If you have a suggestion, question, comment or would like to submit information to our site please feel free to contact us